About the Exhibition

Artists @ Rooms

The artists are invited to present art in the 68 rooms of Hotel Belgrade.
In the Hotel, we also have some Booked Rooms, curated by Remont Gallery, the Novi Sad art spaces Shock Collective and KC Lab, the Museum Macura and the Bulgarian curators Martina Yordanova and Galya Krumova. The Collection Rooms display the unsigned collection of art historian Dragan Srdic, the prison art collection of Ljudmila Stratimirovic and the masks of Saša Marković Mikrob, collected by Miško Bilbija and Aleksandra Nikšić. In Room Nr. 50 we have the special Lions’ Room, showing the Arslani sculpture of Hotel Belgrade owner Vladmimir Markovic.

Artists @ Lobby

The hotel lobby is open from 12 till 9pm. After your visit to the five floors of the exhibition, you can chill in our lounge, have a coffee, and buy a AWB souvenir at the art shop.
In the evenings you can come to the hotel lobby for performances and music.

Artists @ Kitchen

The white tiled kitchen of Hotel Belgrade on the ground floor functions perfectly as a dark room for video installations.
At its far end, it even gives you poetry.

Art Shop

AWB pop-up Art Shop is in the lobby of the Hotel Belgrade and includes T-shirts, posters, photos, books, prints…

Choose a suitable gift or souvenir that will remind you of Art Weeekend Belgrade and support our artists and their artworks.
Art Weekend Belgrade takes care of the importance of recycling, waste reduction, material reuse and environmental awareness.
During the our AWB Upcycling Action we gave a new life to old items and reprinted them! Enjoy your shopping and support AWB!

Working hours:
20-29th of October
12pm – 8pm