GRAD European Centre for Culture and Debate | Inititator and the main production of the Art Weekend Belgrade

Art Weekend Belgrade was initiated by KC Grad with the aim of promoting and developing the local contemporary art scene by presenting local artists to a wider audience and creating meeting and collaboration opportunities with foreign curators. Besides the main exhibition, the program will also consist of an accompanying program of exhibitions at various locations […]

Hotel Belgrade | Exhibition in 68 rooms

“Hotel Belgrade”, an exhibition that makes up the core of this year’s Art Weekend Belgrade. From 20th to 29th of October, artists, art collectives, project spaces and collections will show their work in the 68 rooms of Hotel Belgrade. Hotel Belgrade is an ideal location for presenting the local art scene. The five-storey modernist building, […]

Gallery Grad | Layers of The Façade | Viktor Sekularac

Investigates the thesis that the façade, as a diaphragm between two worlds, private and public, architecture and city, domestic and urban, embraces the representation and expression of architectural character, looking at its leading role in the definition of the urban environment, both reacting to it and defining it. However, in particular, the paper focuses on […]

The Cervantes Institute | Elisa Cuesta | Skeens

Skeens looks at the assemblages of physical bodies and multiple digital extensions that conform most contemporary identities. Given their complexity and partial invisibility, and against the strategies of disinformation, commoditization and alienation promoted by accelerated mass-media corporations, Skeens suggests alternative relationships based on memory, finitude and affection. It attends to the subjective and emotional value […]

Art Gallery Zvono | Madlena Dasic | Cigarettes, Cognac & Pavarotti

This motionless performance, as the author would call it, represents visual prose in the form of spatial installations. The transformation of the author’s literary work within the gallery space has two purposes. The first is an exhibition of works in which the audience is invited to participate and interact outside the cover of the physical […]

U10 Art Space | Damir Sobota | Palindrome

“Sobota’s multilayered painting (or collage), viewed in and of itself, is more than enough to provide possibilities for new and fresh interpretations, despite it being almost entirely devoid of any kind of symbolism or reference outside the medium itself. Yes, almost entirely, because this exhibition, Palindrome: Paintings and Objects, is a kind of intentional exception […]

Gallery RIMA | Vladimir Velickovic in the 1960s | A Crucial Decade

The selection of drawings at the fifth exhibition of Veličković’s works in Gallery RIMA is concentrated around a group of works produced between 1960 and 1971, as a reminder of this pivotal decade for the artist, primarily his representative works such as The Railway Man and The Drowned Man, analogous to his paintings of the […]

Gallery B2 | Dragomir Ugren | Paintings after Painting

“After his solo exhibitions in the Youth Center Gallery (1990) and in the Student Cultural Center Gallery (1995 and 1997), he is now showcasing at the B2 Galley in Belgrade his new painting production made during the last few years. It consist of surfaces of small dimensions, uneven and irregular external formats, on hard wood […]

TransformArt Gallery | Ognjen Milanovic | Moments of Attention

“These drawings are the way I filter experiences. I weigh them and build them carefully. In them I keep messages for others and memories of life that I share with everyone. I want to believe that we are not alone and that is why I am discovering these signs in moments of attention. ” Ognjen […]

Kvaka 22 | Anastasia Tasic | Metamorphosis

The works on display are reflections on metamorphosis, the process of transforming one’s own being, the process of coming out of the shell and turning into something else. These are also reflections on courage, fear, and the body. In the end, these works deal with a body that is magical, demonic and witchy, strong, and […]

Cultural Centre of Belgrade | | Milica Ruzicic, ANGST | Ivana Tomanovic presents Mitar Simikic, UGLJEVIK | Tanja Ostojic, MIS(S)PLACED WOMEN?

Art gallery MILICA RUŽIČIĆ, ANGST Milica Ružičić, multimedia artist and trade union activist, is the most consistent in her creative opus about the world we live in. In the new cycle of paintings and objects, she deals with socially engaged topics related to the human rights of citizens, private property, corruption and crime in society, […]


Aims to represent the most relevant contemporary art from the south east of Europe. The gallery explores the diverse local identities in mutual correspondence and in dialog with international artistic practices, global events and urgent topics. Being set in the center of former Yugoslavia, the focus is placed on the new ways in which art […]

Blatobran Creative Center | Marija Milin & Jovana Cavorovic | A VIEW THROUGH THE CRACK

Blatobran was founded in 2007 as an open platform for artists and designers to network in their use of predominantly ceramics, but also of other media of artistic expression. The artists grouped under the Blatobran banner share the common mission of educating the public and building awareness of the importance of art and of design […]

Museum of Contemporary Art | Vladimir Velickovic | Figure As An Expression Of Existense

Vladimir Veličković was a unique artistic figure who, due to the complex characteristics of his identity, simultaneously belonged to different cultures: Serbian, Yugoslav, French, European, and pushed the boundaries of perception in the Yugoslav art of the time, also leaving us the possibility of re-examining the current post-Yugoslav art scene. The exhibition, which is organized […]

O3one Art Space | Marija Anicic | Girls Talk (A LOT)

With the series of drawings and watercolors Girls Talk (a Lot), Marija Aničić deals with the topics of women’s view of the world and the place of women in modern society. By focusing on the relationship of the individual woman to femininity and society, the artist distances herself from political feminism and considers the issue […]

Gallery Novembar | Gorana Bacevac | Solo Exhibition

The exhibition of Gorana Bacevac’s works shows dreamscape aquarelles, visions that are at the same time playful and worrying. These con icting feelings are the products of dreams shown in watercolours – amusement parks with clowns, imaginary architectural spaces, desolate landscapes, fantasy landscapes on some other planets. They are equally dreams and visions of the […]

New Gallery of Visual Arts | Tanja Ostojic, MIS(S)PLACED WOMEN?

Mis(s)placed Women? is an ongoing collaborative art project started in 2009, consisting of performances and performance art workshops, including contributions by over 160 individuals. Many of them are artists, mainly identifying themselves as women from diverse backgrounds. Within this project, we embody and enact some of everyday-life’s activities that thematize displacement, known to migrants, refugees, […]

Gallery 1250 | Iva Brkic & Miona Stefanovic | Clay Contrast

Through two mini exhibitions in the Gallery 1250 combined under the name Clay contrast, two artists, Iva Brkic and Miona Stefanović, will present their works to us. Clay contrast shows two approaches to sculpture. Black and white, color and monochrome, expressive and subtle. Miona’s sculptures, accompanied by a video projection as an integral part of […]

Ulupuds Small Gallery | Petar Vujosevic | Small Format Mosaic XVI

Over the past 15 years, almost 300 authors from about twenty countries have participated in these exhibitions. Not only did they get to know each other through various mosaic scenes and many interesting creators, but there was also an intertwining of creative mixing and influence on each other. Thus, the modern mosaic received a new […]

The gallery-legacy of Milica Zoric & Rodoljub Colakovic | Goran Babic | Occasional Stopping of Time | Curatorial guidance through the exhibition

The life and work of Goran Babić represent a fantastic intertwining of biography, art, history and politics. He grew up in different parts of Yugoslavia. He completed his studies in economics in Zagreb, where he worked as a writer and politician until the beginning of the Yugoslav war drama, when he settled permanently in Belgrade. […]

Hestia Art Residency & Exhibitions Bureau | My favourite object | Clément Bedel, diSTRUKTURA, Radenko Milak, Branislav Nikolić, Domingos Octaviano, Mark Požlep, Vangjush Vellahu

Bringing its title from Vangjush Vellahu’s series of drawings grouped and presented in its own space inside the gallery, the exhibition “My favourite object” is imagined as a collection of works realised in one of the most classical, most immediate and most primary mediums for an artist: paper. Seeing paper as an artist’s favourite object, […]

Remont – Independent Artistic Association | THE BANK IS CLOSED THE ZOO IS OPEN | Peter Larsen & Zven Balslev | Novo Doba Festival

As a part of the 12th festival of non-aligned comics Novo Doba, an exhibition of Danish artists Peter Larsen and Zven Balslev is opened at the Remont Gallery. The exhibition “The bank is closed, the zoo is open” is a joint endeavor of these two artists and printers. The two share the same studio in […]

Stara Kapetanija Gallery | Anna Basa| PASSERS-BY

The series of sculptures, which together with the gallery space form a whole, is a review of the fact that galleries are becoming places that are increasingly observed in the aisle, and less visited. Inspired by the location, I recognized the potential of the figures I have been working on lately as a great opportunity […]

Gallery Singidunum | Ana Kala | Being

“That is my other self, or the other side of me. It took me a very long time to understand why this Being was returning to my painting. It bothered me to define it, to get to know it, because it represented something personal, deeply buried and unexplored in me. Simply, one night I dreamed […]


Workshop will be held within the Kf.MMDKC cultural pavilion on the Plateau under Branko’s Bridge on Saturday, October 23, from 12:00 to 16:00. We invite passers-by, audience and artists, to visit the Kf.MMDKC pavilion and, by intervening on the spot, make their Readymade art object from objects they bring or find around the pavilion. We […]