Catherine Nichols, Berlin

Catherine Nichols is an arts and literary scholar, curator and writer based in Berlin. Since completing her doctorate at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, in 2001 with a thesis on Hans Magnus Enzensberger, she has curated a broad range of cultural history exhibitions at institutions across Germany on topics spanning from […]

SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockholm

SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is an international art fair for artist-run initiatives. Supermarket is dedicated to exhibiting artist-run spaces, artists’ collectives, nomadic spaces and independent artists’ initiatives of all shapes and from around the world. The key aim is to display unique projects, create opportunities for new local and international networks and share the strengths […]

Lauren Reid, Berlin

Lauren Reid (born 1983 Melbourne, Australia. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany) is and independent curator. She is Co-Director of inset collective, Lecturer in Curatorial Practice at Node Centre for Curatorial Studies and she is a PhD Candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Freie Universitat in Berlin. Reid’s research results in exhibitions, writing and […]

Elisa Del Prete, Bologna

Elisa Del Prete (Bologna, 1978) is an independent author, curator and producer of contemporary visual art. In 2006, from her home in Bologna, she founded Nosadella.due, a residency programme for international artists and curators where for ten years she created a space for dialogue and artistic production to investigate the relationship between art and society, […]

HAVEIT, Prishtina

HAVEIT (Alketa Sylaj, Hana Qena, Vesa Qena, Lola Sylaj) is a collective of 4 young women artists whose art vehemently rebels against power and, nationalism, LGBT discrimination and the oppression of women prevalent in Albanian society. They also try to illustrate their struggle with the day–‐to–‐day difficulties confronted by nearly every Kosovar. Often, their artistic […]


COSE COSMICHE is a catalyst/platform for artists, scientists and researchers from various disciplines interested in reflecting and exchanging views on space, time, energy and matter. Cose Cosmiche is curated by Helga Franza and Silvia Hell.

Paola Jalili, Helsinki

Paola Jalili is an independent publisher, artist, and cultural worker from Mexico City currently living in Helsinki. She works with a variety of visual media to reflect on the intersections between labor, gender, and the contemporary workplace. In 2017, she co-founded the independent publishing project quince ediciones together with Daniel Bolívar. In her artistic and self-publishing […]

Daniel Chluba, Berlin

“I am an action and performance artist from Berlin. I am forever 29. In my actions and performances I work without imagination, without ideas, without creativity. I have forbidden myself any creativity, because creativity kills art. I take up common mainstream themes to press them into art. My filter bubble* is more beautiful than yours! […]

Thibaut de Ruyter, Berlin

Thibaut de Ruyter is a French-German architect, curator and critic, living and working in Berlin since 2001. During the last fifteen years he has curated exhibitions (among others) at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt/Main, HMKV in Dortmund, EIGEN+ART Lab and CTM in Berlin, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź and CRP/ in Douchy-les-Mines. Between 2017 and 2019 […]

Martina Yordanova & Galya Krumova, Sofia

In his project “Paintings for hotels and music for elevators” the artist puts his finger on a very common yet strangely neglected issue: public buildings interior. All too often, the places that are supposed to cultivate public taste propagate nothing but poor quality. Offering as an alternative entirely „white“ pictures, under whose layers of paint […]