Artists @ Kitchen

Part 1 | Sanja Vasic

Project for the AWB includes an activation of poem through an ambiental installation placed in the hotel kitchen. The poem is a record of a specific memory; the whole project is an act of conceptually recreating it inside a physical space; together with the inner psycho-emotional charges that remained trapped in it; their transmission through […]

Part 2 | Veljko Zejak | The cinema is working again

I came to Jalovik for the first time in 2011 to visit some friends who participated that year in a art colony-meeting. Then I noticed the big room of the abandoned cinema. The huge room serves as a pigeon house while waiting to go rack and ruine; children sometimes play football in it. When I […]

Part 3 | Jovana Grujic

Since 2006, Jovana Grujic has been practicing Latin and modern dances. She graduated from Ballet School ”Lujo Davičo” in 2018 at the Department of Contemporary Dance in the class of Isidora Stanišić. Based on a work contract, she was hired as a contemporary dance educator at the ”Lujo Davičo” Ballet School. She earned a bachelor’s […]

Part 4 | Aleksandar Azza Petkovic | Gej Karadjordje

Gej Karadjordje is an ode to the ideal Serbian leader for the post-covid age. The video uses simple 3d animations to evoke early internet nostalgia mixed with post-apocalyptic visions of a ruined Serbia. It takes heavy inspiration from popular conspiracy theories of the time, as well as popular Balkan turbofolk-autotune music. Aleksandar Azza Petkovic is […]