Artists @ Lobby

Part 1 | Aleksandra Stratimirovic & Athanassios Danilof | in collaboration with Targetti Sankey Spa | COLOR WHEELS

Color Wheels is a light art installation created as a perceptual instrument to investigate the experience of color and light through temporal luminous color arrangements. This piece draws its initial inspiration from the enthralling history of color research. Artists, scientists and scholars ranging from Leon Battista Alberti, Phillip Otto Runge and Johaness Itten to Isaac […]

Part 2 | Valentina Savic | Dinner with darling

Her work encompasses mostly ceramic, with video, installation and performance, exploring the fluid patterns that are connected with identity and how society is organized. She reexamines traditional role models as well as the established hierarchy of art forms, which places art above ceramics. “Dinner with darling” investigates the relationship between two distant points. It’s a […]

Part 3 | HAVEIT

Alketa Sylaj, Hana Qena, Vesa Qena, Lola Sylaj are collective of four young women artists whose art vehemently rebels against power and, nationalism, LGBT discrimination and the oppression of women prevalent in Albanian society They also try to illustrate their struggle with the day–‐to–‐day difficulties confronted by nearly every Kosovar. Often, their artistic performances are […]

Part 4 | Paola Jalili | Women at Hotel Lobbies

Women at Hotel Lobbies is a lecture-performance that explores how gender organizes and visually defines workplaces, professions, and industries. Part of Office Aesthetics, a larger artistic research project Paola Jalili initiated in 2018, and a continuation to the visual archive titled “Women at Reception Desks,” this performatic lecture explores archival materials, anecdotes, photographs, and other […]

Part 5 | Daniel Chluba | Performance

I am an action and performance artist from Berlin. I am forever 29. In my actions and performances I work without imagination, without ideas, without creativity. I have forbidden myself any creativity, because creativity kills art. I take up common mainstream themes to press them into art. My filter bubble* is more beautiful than yours! […]

Part 6 | Emilija Radojicic | Phonometrograph

This work was part of solo show CURIOSA, opened at Novembar gallery in January 2020. I see this sculpture as another form of a drawing. This time the line has transformed into a tangible object we can perceive more extensively with not just our minds, but with our physical bodies as well. This work is […]

Part 7 | Ljudmila Stratimirovic | Everything will be fine II

Imaginary landscape painted in acrilic on a large size canvas especially done for the bar in Hotel Belgrades lobby. The work is a combination of a mural and a painting with the purpose to exhale warmth in the exhibition space. The painting should inspire a feeling of longing and give you the opportunity to dream […]

Part 8 | Remont – Independent Art Association | Donation Box

Remont will offer visitors its rare publications created since 2000, as well as duplicates from its archive. Visitors are free to take the publications, with an individual assessment of the funds for the donation using the DONATION BOX – an interactive dedicated work of the KARKATAG collective from 2018. Remont – Independent Art Association was […]