Rooms 43, 44, 45 & 46 | Marija Iva Gocic, Aleksa Bartol, Sara Pantovic & Nikola Knezevic | 4 the experience

Rooms 43, 44, 45 & 46 | Marija Iva Gocic, Aleksa Bartol, Sara Pantovic & Nikola Knezevic | 4 the experience

Performance “4 the experience” consists of four parts that share subject matter and are taking place simultaneously. Played by a dozen people in four rooms, they are separate in style and separated by walls. Each performance is played continuously in a loop and an audience visits rooms one at the time. The most appropriate definition for this type of work would be an immersive dance installation. The most appropriate way to describe it in a nutshell: reflection on a feeling of incompleteness.

Marija Iva Gocić is an artist expressing herself across a wide array of mediums – performances, street interventions, collage, installations, poetry, and film.
She won her first prize for drawing at the age of six and has been showcasing her work since 2014. As her work depicts human relations, it is often interactive and much of it is created in collaboration with other artists. She maintains her artistic practice alongside philosophy studies at the University of Belgrade, where she is currently in her final year.

Aleksa Bartol is a graduated cinematographer, currently finishing his masters at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Over the years he has worked in various fields: photography, theater, dance and music. He eventually started making happenings that are called The Experience which combine light, sound and space installations, with a story told through non-conventional lingo. From 2018. he directed and performed at 4 different shows in Belgrade.

Sara Pantović is a photographer, writer and director currently studying at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In her work she deals with faith, society with its problems and stuggles and man as an individual. Her work is expressed through books, film and audio visual instalations.

Nikola Knežević is an artist and architecture student born in Belgrade who studied in Munich and Paris. In addition to architectural design he works in set design, photography and illustration. He often deals with socio-economic themes and sustainability.